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Club Competitions

All Advantage Essex clubs are eligible to enter teams into the relevant league.

Contact details are shown below:


Essex Dunlop Open Doubles League

Category:  Adult

Play Dates:  Summer:   1 April – 30 September

Contact:  John Blewett   E mail:

Current League Results and Information (Summer) 


Play Dates:    Winter       1 October – 31 March

Contact:    Kerry Pryor     E mail:

Current League Results and Information (Winter) 


Essex Dunlop Seniors League

Category Seniors

Play Dates:  1st February – 15 December

Contact:   Lesley Pitt     E mail:

Current League Results and Information

LTA National Tennis League (formerly Team Tennis)

Following the recent LTA re-brand we are delighted to announce that we now have a new name for this Competition. The Team Tennis event has now been renamed the LTA National League.

LTA National League – Essex Winter 2019/20

For information please contact Mark Gray at E mail:

Essex Tennis Winter Knock Out Cup Competitions

Play Dates:  October – March

Contact:  Lesley Pitt  E mail:


Essex Tennis Inter club Summer Competition

These competitions are open to Advantage Member Clubs (free entry) and those proprietary clubs directly affiliated to the LTA (which will pay an additional fee) to be determined by the Competitions Committee. The winning club of each division shall be entitled to hold the cup provided by Essex Tennis until the commencement of the competitions the following season.

Contact:  Lesley Pitt   E mail:


Joining your Local Tennis League is the perfect way for you to quench your competitive thirst, improve your tennis and make friends, all balanced around your busy lifestyle. Since the inaugural league in May 2005, 200 leagues have been established for adults nationwide.

There are a number of  Associations  which are affiliated to Essex Tennis. This gives them the opportunity to enter  teams into Essex Tennis Leagues. For information on which tennis clubs are affiliated to them and all local news and information please click on the links below.

Below are a number of local affiliated leagues that could be of interest. However more can be found on the Local Tennis Leagues website.


There are also a number of local leagues which are not affiliated to Essex Tennis and as such are unable to enter into Essex Tennis leagues. Below are a number of local leagues which may be of interest.