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Resource document for tennis court construction – facility development/enhancement together with info/contacts


Companies and information on this section of the Essex Tennis website does not infer any sort of recommendation and any arrangement entered into with any Company that has been sourced through this website is undertaken at your own risk and Essex Tennis accepts no liability or responsibility.


SAPCA The Sports & Play Construction Association     This website features very many of the Companies associated with all aspects of Tennis in the UK. Clearly it does not show every company, however, it is the  single most comprehensive website available in the UK for those associated with tennis court construction.

SAPCA’s membership criteria ensure that only specialist contractors, with a proven track record and trading history can be admitted.  Through inspection of applicants’ work, SAPCA checks that contractors have the requisite expertise and experience and can offer the clients the necessary high standards of workmanship.  NB It is important to remember that all organisations apply for SAPCA membership.


Indoor Covered Structures
[the links below may also be found on the SAPCA website – https://sapca.org.uk/]

SFG group          https://www.sportsfacilitiesgroup.co.uk/

HTS tentiQ          https://hts-tentiq.com/

Covair – air domes           https://covair.co.uk/

Bridome – air domes        https://sapca.org.uk/members/bridome-ltd/        

Air hall Guidance         


Low Cost Indoor Structures – webinar slides for info


Framed Fabric Guidance




Court Constructors

Court Constructors

[the links below and also additional links will possibly/probably be found on the SAPCA website https://sapca.org.uk/

Charles Lawrence          https://www.allcourts.co.uk/

Trevor May         https://www.trevormay.co.uk/

Fosse          https://fossecontracts.co.uk/

ETC   Sports      https://www.etcsports.co.uk/

Premier Sports Surfaces          https://www.premiersportssurfaces.co.uk/ 

Court Surfaces info


Dispute Resolution Assistance

Lee West,  Sports Facility Planning & Design Limited is a consultancy


LaboSport Group      https://labosport.com/contact/

Alastair Cox Associates    http://www.ac-associates.co.uk/services.html



Padel Court Constructors

[the links below and also additional links will possibly/probably be found on the SAPCA website https://sapca.org.uk/

ETC Sports          https://www.etcsports.co.uk/

Pro Padel Courts          https://www.propadelcourts.com/

Padel Tech         https://www.padeltech.co.uk/

iPadel          https://ipadel.co.uk/

Easipadel          https://www.easipadel.com/

 Padel Guidance



[the links below and also additional links will possibly/probably be found on the SAPCA website https://sapca.org.uk/

Stuart Canvas Group           https://stuartcanvas.co.uk/

Edwards Sports Products          Edwards Sports Products

Harrod Sport          https://www.harrodsport.com/        

Networld Sports          https://www.networldsports.co.uk/


[the links below and also additional links will possibly/probably be found on the SAPCA website https://sapca.org.uk/

J B Corrie Fencing          https://jbcorrie.co.uk/

Jackson Fencing        

Tennis Court Fencing | Sports Enclosures | Jacksons Security Fencing (jacksons-security.co.uk)

Procter Contracts/fencing           Tennis Court Fencing – Procter Contracts



Planning Permission. It is essential to obtain planning permission for all installations, the majority will need local authority/or similar agreement.

‘Portable lighting’ systems often do not need permission.

The ‘Tweener Lighting’ system is one which some local authorities accept without a requirement for planning permission.

The benefits of upgrading older type installations to LED’s are very cost effective. Speak to any reputable supplier regarding the costs and savings.

[the links below and also additional links will possibly/probably be found on the SAPCA website https://sapca.org.uk/

General Floodlighting information from the LTA


 Advice and assistance regarding Planning Permission.


TEL: 07770 366259, email: office@sfpad.co.uk

PHIL KEELEY – LABOSPORT    https://labosport.com/

TEL: 07833 757576, email:- phil.keeley@labosport.com

 Lighting Contractors

Barclay led solutions          https://www.barclayledsolutions.com/

Luminance Pro          http://www.luminancepro.co.uk/

Armadillo Lighting    https://armadillolighting.com/

Highlights         Highlights Floodlighting Ltd

LMXLED        https://lmxled.co.uk/

Halliday          https://www.halliday-lighting.co.uk/

Direct Sports Lighting          https://www.directsportslighting.co.uk/

DH Group           http://www.dh-group.co.uk/

Surfacelux          https://surfacelux.co.uk/ 

The Retractable Lighting Company      https://tennislight.com/

 Lighting Contractors – portable / temporary / rechargeable

Right Light          https://www.right-light.co.uk/collections/sports-lighting

Sports Equip         https://www.sportsequip.co.uk/sports/tennis-equipment/tennis-court-floodlights.html

Halliday Lighting       https://www.halliday-lighting.co.uk/

 Tweener Lighting Contractors

Tweener HOME PAGE     https://www.tweener.fr/en/homepage/

Tweener Lighting UK Agents [these companies may do other lighting systems]

ETC Sports Surfaces    https://www.etcsports.co.uk/tweener-led-tennis-court-lighting/    

Power Plus Group     https://www.powerplusgroup.co.uk/

Clay Court Services    https://claycourtservices.com/

Trevor May Contractors     https://www.trevormay.co.uk/

Tennis Court and Floodlighting sinking fund guide 


Facility developments and/or enhancements

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