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Performance Support

Player Funding Scheme

In recent years Essex Tennis has implemented a Player Funding Scheme which seeks to assist our more promising young players in their endeavours to improve and enable them to represent the county in events and tournaments. These players will have to meet certain criteria to enable them to be awarded a grant.  At the present time this is currently under review.

Regrettably due to the recent pandemic and the adverse financial effect on Essex Tennis Funds this scheme is suspended for the  time being. It will be kept under continual review, financial forecasts appear to indicate that this is unlikely to be reinstated before 2023.




Learn more about the support available to players who are looking to take the next steps in their tennis careers including professional and financial support.

LPDCs what are they?
LPDC’s will be fun and exciting places for young people to play tennis. They will provide regular, high quality local training and competitions for aspiring players aged 10 and under.

Their main objective is to attract athletic children to the game, nurture player development, and provide local and affordable regular training and competition.

We’re pleased to announce that 50 LPDCs have been selected nationwide, to help develop players for County and then Regional Training. The network has been redistributed based on player density.  We list below those that are in the East.

  • ATA Cambridge at Hills Road Sports and Leisure Centre
  • Batchwood Tennis Centre
  • Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre
  • Compete Tennis at Redbridge Sports and Leisure
  • Corby Tennis Centre
  • Culford School
  • Easton & Otley College
  • Gosling Sports Park
  • Halton Tennis Centre
  • Maidenhead Lawn Tennis Cub
  • Riverside Tennis Club


Compete is the only LPCD in Essex and they offer regular quality training and help to create pathways into regional training centres. To contact them see links below: