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Membership and Registration

Essex Tennis welcomes registration from individuals, clubs and all other tennis providers.

Clubs can register as a ‘Places to Play Club’ (P2P) and also as an ‘Advantage Essex Club’  (AE). Individuals can join as an ‘Essex Tennis Patron’ and all other tennis providers can also register as an ‘Other Organisation’. For more information on Corporate Membership and Patrons, please click here.

Our Places to Play registration replaced club affiliation on 1st October 2010 meaning that all venues should register with the LTA as a ‘places to play club’ whereby the registration fee is dependent upon the number of courts.

We are delighted to also offer ‘Advantage Essex’ membership to our Essex Clubs which affords many benefits.  The registration fee is dependent upon the number of courts, whether the courts are floodlit and if there is a club house at the venue.

Places to Play (P2P) Registration

P2P venue registration is an annual scheme for tennis venues across Great Britain to become a member of the LTA and British Tennis. Approximately 3,000 tennis venues are actively registered and these venues include clubs, parks, leisure centres and educational sites. P2P registration entitles the venue to receive a number of excellent benefits along with a wide range of support and services from the LTA and County Tennis Associations to help deliver tennis.  All LTA registered venues are required to meet five standards as part of their LTA Venue Registration – Read more

How to register, benefits and further information

Advantage Essex (AE) Membership

The unique ‘Advantage Essex’ membership was set up in January 2011 exclusively for Essex Clubs and the scheme offers its members many unique benefits.

See the AE Information Pack on the right for more information.



This fund has been set up to assist ‘Advantage Essex’ (AE) clubs. It is designed to encourage tennis development in Essex. The grant categories available include tournament support, facility enhancement, mini tennis, tennis education, club development and promotion, technical advice costs etc. In all  cases clubs are expected to make a contribution to the costs.

It should be noted that this fund is not intended to be used for general club maintenance, for example court and floodlight renewal costs are not applicable nor are any items that are vital to playing the game of tennis i.e. nets, posts, perimeter fencing. These types of expenditure however may be suitable under the AE Loan Scheme.

These categories are continually monitored and adapted according to changing priorities and the needs of club tennis in Essex. Clubs (not individuals) will need to make an application for funding on a simple Application Form (see Application for Grant Funding).


AE Loan Funding is designed to assist voluntary not for profit Clubs who are Advantage Essex members and is available for most facility projects.

Except in very unusual circumstances the maximum loan funding available is £30,000, repayable over 5 years, with the Club matching Essex Tennis loan. As the fund utilises a substantial proportion of Essex Tennis reserves there will be a limit to the amount of funds available.

AE funding is simple, there are a number of conditions and criteria to be met and in most cases these are just good practice. Loan repayments are reasonable, often with no interest or at a nominal rate.

All enquiries, applications and documentation should be sent to funding@essextennis.org.uk where they will be dealt with by Richard Crone, the Funding Facility Officer for Essex Tennis.

For more information and to apply please follow the links on the right.