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There are various ways in which you can recycle your balls and make £££s for your venue.

Our own tennis balls which have had only a little use have been purchased by Recycaball which is a not for profit Company formed in 2011 with over 1400 clubs using them worldwide, who buy them in bulk and the majority of their work is re pressurisation  of the balls, cleaning and packaging them. Their charity work includes donating the balls to various charities and making cash donations and they are proud to be helping tennis become greener and more ecofriendly. They can be found on https://recycaball.blogspot.com/ 

Another way to recycle is Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary in Upminster who make use of them to play with and exercise, the 30 or so dogs that they regularly have in their care is one. The Haven which was founded in 1961 looks after many types of animals including horses, goats, sheep, ducks and small animals as well as cats and dogs. They have a non destruction policy and all the animals stay in their care until they are rehomed, some will live permanently at the Sanctuary and all cats and dogs are neutered before rehoming. They have donation collection points in Romford in Mercury Mall, Wilko and Jollyes Pets, as well as Hill Park Vets and the sanctuary itself. They also have regular pop up shops in Romford Shopping Hall and are always in need of donations including things like newspaper, bedding and towels. They can be found on https://www.facebook.com/wanderershavenanimalsanctuary