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We are excited to announce the launch of the LTA Youth Compete Rewards, a new participation based rewards scheme for those playing matches at Red (8U), Orange (9U) and Green (10U).  – please find a link to the electronic versions of the posters here. The LTA Youth Compete Rewards lets players earn exciting rewards as they reach the different milestones, dependant on the number of recorded matches they play in a specific ball colour.

1 match
Players who’ve played in one recorded match in a specific ball colour (Red, Orange or Green) will
receive a congratulatory email launching their LTA Youth Compete Rewards journey.

10 matches
Players become the proud owners of a digital congratulatory certificate once they’ve played in 10
recorded matches in a specific ball colour (Red, Orange, Green) and are well on their way to earning
the next reward.

20 matches
A Youth Compete Rewards exclusive T-Shirt is awarded to players who’ve played in 20 recorded
matches (a further 10 matches) in a specific ball colour (Red, Orange or Green).

40 matches
A prestigious Youth Compete Rewards Hoodie is awarded to players when they’ve played in 40
recorded matches (a further 20 matches) in a specific ball colour (Red, Orange or Green), which
they can proudly wear to their next competition.

Find out more here.