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It was intended to hold our AGM on Wednesday 5th January. A meeting of the Essex Tennis Council was held on Tuesday 7th December to discuss this and other matters.   In particular the latest pandemic news in respect of the omicron covid variant was discussed.

It was eventually concluded that taking account of the crowded and not very well-ventilated AGM venue and the known reluctance to attend of several of the entitled attendees, that there would not be many persons there on the night. So a decision was made  – taking account of the last successful [although in many ways unsatisfactory] email AGM [last February when many more Clubs than usual voted] – to hold a similar type [email] of meeting. This is in accordance with our rule 9 a iii.  We apologise that this is the second year the AGM has to held in this way but hopefully things will return to some normality very soon.

Consequently a revised notification has now been sent out to all Club Secretaries and Club Main Contacts.  See below

Revised notificaion of the Essex Tennis AGM

Online E mail Essex Tennis AGM Q & As